Dejan Hadzic

Head of Insurance and Real Estate Unit
Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia

Born in Novi Sad in 1978. In 2002 he graduated at the University of Novi Sad - Faculty of Economics.

During his professional career, he has worked both in private and governmental sector, on responsible managerial positions.

Dejan has been a member of a various working groups (e.g. for preparation of numerous of laws), commissions (e.g. in employment process, in consultant selection process, Certification Exam Committee for brokers and agents in insurance, Certification Exam Committee for actuaries), teams (e.g. took part in privatization process of the insurance company DDOR Novi Sad) and expert bodies (e.g. member of the Professional Board), he has participated in creation of legislation (laws and bylaws – field of insurance, banking, financial leasing, foreign exchange, mortgage, real estate valuers) and internal regulation, in creation of new type of products (voluntary pension insurance), in establishing of the voluntary pension fund management company, he was representative of shareholder (DDOR Novi Sad, Vojvođanska banka, Republic of Serbia) in different Shareholders Assemblies. Also, he was lecturer in the in-house seminars (field of finance, securities and securities market) for preparation of the professional exam for insurance brokerage and/or agency services and in the CPD seminars for bankruptcy managers.

Dejan has been deeply involved in preparation legal framework for real estate valuers and he is a Member of the Professional Board (pursuant to the Real Estate Valuers Law).