Dragana Korica

Chief Executive - Architect
Serbia Green Building Council

Dragana Korica is the Executive Director of Serbia Green Building Council (member of the WorldGBC) since 2017, dedicated to the realization of the goals of the organization that encourage and lead the transformation of the Serbian construction industry and market towards more sustainable and green construction principles. 

With the title of Masters acquired at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Belgrade, she possesses the official license of a responsible designer of architectural projects - IKS. Professional experience gained since the second year of her studies as an associate in numerous and thematically diverse urban and architectural projects, which the Faculty of Architecture worked on in cooperation with the economy. After her studies, instantly employed as assistant at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, participating in teaching, on the development of publications and as guest lecturer, also working within the Institute for Materials and Structures GFUB on projects and revisions. Designed the coat of arms for the Faculty of Civil Engineering, which is still in use today. Co-founder of EKI RD architectural bureau, working as lead designer on the preliminary and final architectural and construction projects and develop of such. Work experience on tasks related to project management, synchronization and design itself, as well as supervision on project realization, as director and responsible designer acquired throughout many years. Designer of numerous interiors, designer and co-designer of architectural and urban projects, as well as several urban plans and revisions. As co-author, awarded for several urban and architectural competitions.

Member of IKS, UAS, DAB, ASA, ŽAD and WISE SEE.

As representative of SrbGBC participated in multiple professional conferences, as well as being the lead organizer of such. Diligent individual driven with motivation for the improvement through implementation of sustainable methods within the building sector, open to collaboration with related professions and devoted to the education of the wider public on topics of positive environmental development.