Dusica Gakovic

Project Development Manager
Deka Inzenjering

Dusica Gakovic is a pioneer of the Serbian real estate industry. In 2004 she was the leasing and marketing manager of the USCE office tower, one of the first modern A-class commercial buildings in Belgrade. In 2006 she founded and organized the first real estate trade fair and conference in Belgrade: BelRE, which for years was the largest building industry event in the region.
In parallel with organizing these fairs, she took part in developing a number of residential and commercial buildings as a marketing and sales consultant. As chief editor of the BelRE magazine, she wrote hundreds of articles on projects in Serbia and took part in all of the important European events in the field of real estate to present Belgrade's investment potential to the best advantage.

Since 2013 she has worked as Project Development Manager at Deka Engineering where, together with her colleague Nebojsa Vasilic, she has managed the development of A-Blok, a residential and commercial complex of 140,000 m2 in New Belgrade.