Ognjen Kisin

Konstruktor Group

Ognjen Kisin is the CEO of Konstruktor Group, which has several members: Konstruktor Consulting, Konstruktor Metal, Konstruktor Equipment, Konstruktor Distribution.

Konstruktor Group started its work in 2004 with the establishment of the first company "Konstruktor Consulting" whose main activity is design and execution of high-rise facilities.

Mr Kisin's professional development path is linked to the very beginning and establishment of the Konstruktor Group.

He is a M.Sc.C.E. with licenses 310 and 410, graduated at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade.

Today, behind him is more than half a million squares meters built of various types of facilities for renowned domestic and foreign Investors.

In its team, there are over 50 engineers of all profiles, more than a hundred permanent employees, and up to five hundred employees in all construction sites.

From the very beginning, Mr Kisin's vision was to “build” a construction company that would be sufficiently ‘design’ and ‘performance’ strong to operate according to the modern principles of construction: “design and build” and “turn-key” system.

Daily investment in human and material resources is one of Mr. Kisin's focus.

Further plans are to strengthen the leading position in the field of civil engineering, construction of industrial facilities, logistics centers, retail parks, modern and residential buildings with the reputation of a reliable partner dedicated to the goals of its clients.