prof. dr Dragan Loncar

Faculty of Economics Belgrade

Dragan Lončar is Full Professor at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade in Project Management and Strategic Management and Associate Dean for Finance and Organisation at the same faculty. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics in 2001, completed Master course in Management Studies at the University of Cambridge (Judge Business School) in 2003, and acquired PhD title at the Faculty of Economics in 2007. He was awarded Fulbright scholarship (academic year 2008/2009) for postdoctoral research in financial management. The research was completed during 2009 at the University of Chicago (Booth Business School). He is the author of significant number of research papers and consulting projects. He possesses CFA certificate in the field of finance. He is a member of Fulbright and Cambridge Associations and an active member of Global Operations Research Project led by Bristol School of Business and Law. He is a member of the Serbian Association of Economists and the Editorial Board of its journal “Ekonomika preduzeća”. He is married and has two sons, Luka and Vuk.